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District 308 B2 Region2 Zone6 Sponsored by : Lions Club of Kuala Muda

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Continuous Leo Development Orientation Workshop and Test

 Objective :
1) To provide a chance for the members of the club to participate in the CLD program only available in District 308B2.
2) To ensure the members of the club are well aware of the purposes, objectives, activities, benefits and other expect of the Leo program.
3) To allow the members to clear the doubts they have about the Leo program with the Leo Cabinet member

The ‘Continuous Leo Development’ test is a part of the Leo Program in District 308B2 to allow fellow Leos to participate further in the program. The workshop was being carried with the main aim to expose the members with the basic knowledge and understanding that a Leo member should have about Leo Club, the Leo Program as well as the Lions Club.

Most of the member joined the club for the simple reason ‘To Serve” without knowing much about the club. As the members of the club are getting more and more committed to the club, it is important for them to be able to in the same time, have a greater understanding regarding the club.

The workshop on that day was being conducted by the District 308B2 Leo Cabinet member. The presenter on that day is Leo Eliza Chia, who is the President for the Leo Cabinet. Together with her attending and assisting the conduction of the workshop are Leo Wah Si Sheng and Leo Foong Chee Keat, who are also the member of the District Leo Cabinet.

The workshop begins at 8.10pm and was being conducted in the Orientation Hall. Members are listening attentively during the entire presentation. The capability of Leo Eliza to present the information acted synergistically with the colourful slideshows presentation in keeping the members attention on the content that is to be presented. Throughout the entire workshop, members have given response and have actively involved in the discussion with the presenters when a question is being raised from the floor.

After the presentation that lasted from about 35 minutes, a 10 minutes break was given to the members. In the same time, those who have doubts about the presentation are given the chance to clarify them. This short break has also allowed the members to have discussion among themselves on the topics being discussed.

The CLD Orientation Test was being carried out at about 9.00pm. A total of 40 members have took part in the test. Candidates are given 30 minutes to attempt the objective as well as the subjective questions given in the paper. They were allowed to leave after the test. The last paper was collected at 9.30pm sharp and after cleaning up the venue, the BODs left at around 9.45pm.


Remark from Organizing Chairperson:
First of all, a deep appreciation is expressed for the university for allowing outsiders to enter the university to conduct the workshop. Special thanks also to the Leo Cabinet officers who has rushed to Sg. Petani from Penang and Ipoh after their work. Members has shown their support towards the workshop conducted and has definitely benefited from it.

Reported by,
Leo WeeChee Tan

Guest of Honor :
Lion Dr. Harjinder Singh
President of Lions Club of Kuala Muda

CLD committee :

Organizing Chairperson:
Leo TzeCheng Wong

Asst. Organizing Chairperson:
Leo Amy Ting Li
Leo WeeChee Tan
Leo ChuHan Chew
-Leo Club of Aimst University


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