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Monday, December 6, 2010

International Leo Day Celebration – MAD Leo Eco Parade

In conjunction with the Leo Day 2010, Leo Club of Georgetown Mutiara, Penang has organized the M.A.D Eco Parade and Fiesta at Penang Times Square. The project was headed by Leo Kim Kek Teong. The event has started in 4th December 2010 and has ended on the next day.

Among the events and activities conducted on that day were Leo Exhibition, Flea Market, Children Colouring Contest, Kids Talent Quest and Street Dance Competition. The climax of the whole celebration is the Leo Parade around the Georgetown on the 5th December 2010.

Leo Club of AIMST University (Omega) is privileged enough to be invited to join in this mega celebration. Due to the fact that there is already a home project being carried out on the same day, we were only able to send a team of 6 members to attend the event. The members that have attended the celebration include Leo TzeCheng Wong, Leo Amy Ting Li, Leo Chew ChuHan Chew, Leo Valane Tang, Leo YeanWen Ooi and Leo Winnie Lai. It surprised us to see such a big number of Leos attending the event. As it is a region project, Leos have come even from Selangor and Perak to show their support.

We have reached Penang Times Square around 8.30am. Upon completing the registration process and a short briefing, we were all set for the parade. We have covered areas like Komtar, Penang Road and so on. Along the journey, the Chingay and drums which have accompanied us have given us strong motivation to continue to stay fresh along the entire journey. To add to these, the ‘roaring’ and the eco costume of other Leos have motivated us. It took just a short moment for us to realize that we are already at the end of the parade which has actually taken more than an hour.

At around 9.15am, we are back to Penang Times Square. A light breakfast was provided by the organizing committee. While waiting for the official opening ceremony of the event which is scheduled to start at 10.00am, we managed to have a walk around the Flea Market held together with the parade. It took us not long to realize that there was actually no plastic bags and polystyrene plates and cups used during the entire event.

Upon the arrival of the guest of honour, the official ceremony began with the national anthem. A few speeches was delivered. Most of the speeches has touched on the concept of Making A Difference (MAD). Lion Alan Thoo has even given the illustration on how a small step by every Malaysian to just use 1 plastic bag less can have on the environment. The official ceremony was rounded off by the awards, souvenirs and certificates presentation to respective clubs that have participated.

Reported by,
Leo TzeCheng Wong

"Man must feel the earth to know himself and recognize his values.... God made life simple.  It is man who complicates it."
-Charles A. Lindbergh, Reader's Digest, July 1972


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